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T# he basic roles you can play when you join the society are that of a soldier or camp follower. As a soldier you will be trained and drilled as a billman or longbowman initially, although you may wish to become a officer later. But that's just the start.


The "Living History" events represent a military camp of the period with weapon training, a military court, medieval cooking, archery, sports and pastimes (betting, dice and cards, football) and so on, so there are plenty of opportunities for playing roles other than that of a soldier. See the Recruiting Party for more details.

We also stage Medieval Murder Mysteries where the choices of roles are much broader. We?ve been monks and nuns, swineherds and brewers and Dukes and gentry. A great opportunity for those who enjoy a bit of overacting. For more information, see the Murder Mystery page.


Members of Knights In Battle work together to organise events, provide transport, training accommodation, tents and equipment and all the multitude of things needed to allow us to take part in these events. We have people appointed to various tasks to help you, such as the Herald who will advise on costume, the Swordmaster who will supervise your weapon training and the Show Director who will help you in playing your role.


More than half the members of our society are women or children under 16 and, because of the emphasis we make on living history rather than simple combat, they have a full role in all our society events.

If you are interested in joining the society you are welcome to come to one of our regular training sessions which take place in St Augustine's Church Hall on Brocco Bank (off Hunter's Bar) in Sheffield every Wednesday night from 7.30pm to 9.00pm (followed by a visit to a local hostelry). Alternatively you can see us at one of our shows. See the Come & See Us page for details.


Our annual membership fee is currently 37 for combatants or 10 for children. However you are welcome to come along for a few times to decide whether you like it (or us !) before deciding to join. We can provide you with all the gear you need to take part in events but you'll be expected to (and want to) eventually provide your own equipment, as the stuff we lend out tends to be a bit battered. Please come along - we look forward to meeting you.

Check our FAQ page for more details

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